Pencil Skirts & Pinstripes

Another week of outfits to report. I am really trying to mix up my choices and not wear the same old things all the time, but I’m finding it difficult. There’s nothing I want to do more than go out and buy an entire new wardrobe. But, since I am still losing weight, I am trying to invest my money in shoes and accessories rather than clothes that will have to be replaced soon anyway. So, I’m making due.

Saturday night, Eric took me out to dinner. I decided to pull a dressier top out of the back of my closet to wear. I think this is bordering on being too big though, so it may have to go soon. Pity, since I love this top. I wore it to our rehearsal dinner. I also opted for wearing sandals to dinner. My feet, after being in heels all week, were tired.

IMG 2666 Edit

Monday, black top and cream linen skirt. I wore my new Circa Joan & David heels.

IMG 2678 Edit

Thought I’d show a back view, since the detail of the skirt is on the back.

IMG 2680 Edit

I wore my pearls with it. I haven’t worn my pearls in absolutely years. Until recently, they were too tight around my neck to wear, which was unfortunate. I did wear my pearl earrings at my wedding though. It felt so good to wear them again.

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Tuesday, I was inspired by the black and white stripe top Carrie wore in Season 4, and it reminded me of a top I had.

ep54 carrie alligatorbag

I pulled it out and wore it with black pants. I think the fit on this top is not the greatest. I had it pinned also, which looks terrible, now that I see it in the photos. But, I do like the top, just wish it fit better.

IMG 2685 Edit

I wore my red ombré Guess heels with it, which I adore.

IMG 2687 Edit

And my garnet jewelry, which I designed and had made (necklace, earrings and ring).

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Wednesday, I wore my green twinset and black and white linen pants. I wore my Nine West heels I love so much with this. I also wore my new bracelet.

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Thursday, I took my inspiration from this outfit of my friend Sandy’s over on Pop Sugar.

I wore my blue top, white eyelet skirt and Ralph Lauren heels.

IMG 2696 Edit

I think my lessons this week were that I need to focus on fit. If something isn’t fitting correctly, I probably shouldn’t wear it. I also learned to pull from inspiration to keep me out of a rut.

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