A Place for Hope and Possibilities

March started off kind of rocky, but even through all the challenges I kept reminding myself that there is a place for hope and possibilities. I realized too, that I’d kind of been going through the motions the last couple of months, so for some reason, March seemed like I suddenly woke up and started to get back on track. (Like, I still had Christmas cards sitting on my desk that needed to be dealt with.) I started refocusing on taking care of myself again. which in turn actually makes me feel better.

manicure with purply grey polish and a quartz crystal

I painted my nails even. This is an old favorite, Sephora by OPI’s Metro Chic (above) and another favorite, Urban Decay Addiction (below).

manicure with a greenish steel charcoal grey polish

It has a ton of sparkle to catch the light.

Five of Pentacles tarot card with three crystals and a bottle of Inspiration Essential Oil

Along with taking better care of myself, I also am trying to get back in the habit of weekly guidance. I like to pull a tarot card, some crystals, and an oil to give me an intuitive selection for the week to come. This one was all about shifting your energy through gratitude and recognition of even the smallest blessings, removing obstacles and opening pathways, and creating a space for creativity and productivity.

dining room with a kimono quilt on the wall, Japanese swords on a buffet table and a Buddha statue in the center of the table

Midway through the month we also finally put the house back to “normal”. After Christmas, we left out our winter things and then came Valentine’s Day. So, even my house felt like it got a fresh new start.

page in bullet journal that shows a TBR list and a whole page of book titles

I’m still reading a ton and enjoying it. I’ll do a separate post of my March reads, but you can take a look at my February reads in the meantime. My TBR list seems to be getting out of hand. I accept recs though!

Anyway, March seemed to be a month of shifting and opening, and it felt good to be moving forward again.

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