Polka Dots

Another week at work, and I tried to mix it up a bit more this week. I also tried to get better photos of the accessories, too.

IMG 2495

New top with linen skirt and Ralph Lauren heels.

IMG 2496

Worn with Mystic Fire Topaz pendant and ring.

IMG 2497

Green sweater with polka dot skirt and headband and black wedge heels.

IMG 2498

Polka dot top with black knee-length skirt and purple heels. I just love these shoes, they’re so fun. I have a pair in black as well.

IMG 2499

Worn with custom hand-made blown glass bead earrings.

IMG 2500

Green sweater with white pinstripe pants and Nine West heels. These were the first pair of heels I bought when I started wearing heels again. They are still favorites!

IMG 2501

Worn with green-hued pearls.

IMG 2502

My DWP-inspired outfit. Black and white dress with gold necklace. Black heels.

So, what did I learn this week…well, I probably shouldn’t have worn polka dots back to back. I think I did much better at mixing up the types of outfits for more variety. I also learned that I should take a look at my style inspiration, and put together more outfits that way – I think the Friday outfit was a huge success!!

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