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book cover of Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward with a salt lamp in the background

In December, I continued on with my #fangsgiving reread of the Black Dagger Brotherhood with my friend, Annette. Lover Enshrined is the sixth book in the series. I started it on the first of the month and finished it on the fifth. The first time I read this one I got really bogged down in it because Phury is not my fave. I actually enjoyed this one a lot more than I did the first time through and definitely read it a lot faster. This is actually the last book in the #fangsgiving read along, but Annette and I are going to keep going through the whole series.

book cover of Father Mine by J.R. Ward

Next up was Father Mine. This is a novella that was originally published as part of the Insider’s Guide but is thankfully now a standalone book so I was able to check it out of the library. It’s only about 100 pages so it was a quick read. I started and finished it the same day. Enjoyed this and I appreciated the story of Bella and Zadist finding each other again, even at the point at which she was ready to leave. And I was really struck by the description of Bella when they go to the doctor to see about getting Z’s tattoos removed and he described her as being absolutely stunningly beautiful in a white dress shirt tucked into skinny jeans, Louboutin heels and a Prada bag. I would 100% love to be that woman.

book cover of Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward

Next up in the series was Lover Avenged. I’m finally up to the point in my reread where I have the hardbacks. This must have been the point at which I caught up with the books as they were released. This book seems to have a ton of foreshadowing in it, so I’m anxious to see where that goes. Really loved this one, five stars.

portrait of Anne Rice

On the 12th, I got the notice that Anne Rice had passed away. Such a loss to the world. She was so impactful to me and I feel like there is a big part of me that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her. Even the books I’m reading right now, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, might not have been possible if it wasn’t for Anne’s groundbreaking work in vampire literature. I keep thinking, too, that I want to reread the Mayfair Witches at some point. Of course, I’ve never finished my reread of the Vampire Chronicles either, so I need to get back to that.

book cover of Covet by J.R. Ward

When Annette and I started the BDB reread, she suggested we read the Fallen Angels series mixed in since there is some cross-over. I’ve never read them before, so I was all for it. Covet is the first one in the series. She said they are not as romance-y as the Brotherhood books and she said they have a different feel even though they are the same world. So, I was anxious to see how they are. This book kept me interested, but I’m not sure I ever totally clicked with it. Like, it was good and there was a tiny bit of cross-over, but I’m not sure I really needed to read it. I am curious to see where it goes next and I like Jim as a character, but I’m not feeling a burning need to know what’s next, if that makes sense.

book cover of The Naughty List by Ellie Mae MacGregor

My friend Heather mentioned this book, The Naughty List, to me and said she’d just read it and it was good. After finishing Covet, I decided to give it a shot. It was only like 45 pages, so it doesn’t even really count as a book. The premise was super fun, but the execution, not so much. It definitely left me feeling flat.

book cover of Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

I was happy to pick up Lover Mine and be back to the Brotherhood after the side road to Fallen Angels. I started this one on the 23rd and am carrying it into the new year.

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