Revisiting Memories

Five of Pentacles reversed tarot card and two white crystals with the text "February"

My February monthly marker shows my monthly tarot card, but this time I pulled it from my Anima Mundi tarot deck. The five of pentacles reversed suggests February is a month for letting go of limiting mindsets, the worry over not having “enough” or not being “enough”. To embrace the easing of difficult times and know that the Universe is here to support you. I paired this card with scolecite and snow quartz.

bottle of Gatsby Red from Duck Walk Vineyards and two glasses of red wine in the background

Years ago when we went to visit NY, we visited Duck Walk Vineyards and had a wine-tasting. We had several bottles of their wine shipped back to us in Texas and opening this one up to have with dinner brought back all those memories of New York, traveling, and being newlyweds. Funny how something so simple can bring back such complex memories.

plate of Cuban food - ropa vieja with chicken, black beans, and tostones with a mojito in the background

Eric made Cuban food one night, which was delicious. He made ropa vieja but with chicken rather than the beef he usually uses. And then he paired it with black beans and tostones. We even mixed up some mojitos to have with it. It was absolutely delicious and his Cuban food is one of my absolute favorite things he makes.

snow through an arched window

And just like last February, it snowed! I really do love it when it snows, it’s so beautiful and quiet. But, after last year’s situation with our power going out for a week, I’m a bit anxious about the cold weather now.

tin of Harney & Sons Holiday Tea and a mug of tea in the background

I used to drink tea all the time, but somehow I turned into more of a coffee person over the past few years. These snowy, cold days had me reaching for a cup of hot tea in the afternoons though. This Holiday Tea from Harney & Sons is still one of my absolute favorite teas ever. Eric and I purchased a tin of it years ago at the cafĂ© connected to Barnes & Noble and we both immediately fell in love with it. (February must have been a month for revisiting memories via food and drink!) Holiday Tea is spiced with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon. A friend recommended their Victorian London Fog tea as well, that I really want to try. It sounds delicious, but really just piques my Victorian Gothic heart’s interest.

red-haired woman in glasses wearing Egyptian necklaces

A strange, and possibly coincidental, thing happened. I have been slowly working on transcribing my old physical journals into Day One. I’ve talked about Day One previously, I think. Anyway, one of the entries I was working on had references to the Goddess Isis and my interest in her, not only from an Egyptian history/art perspective but also from a spiritual perspective. And, thinking about that entry I was reminded of my current class I’m taking from Professor of Words. It’s about Goddess Archetypes and the Women of Game of Thrones. And it’s been really amazing. It started near the end of January and we meet weekly. As we’ve been going through the different goddess archetypes it’s been really opening my eyes to those pieces of myself I may have left behind or pieces I may want to re-embrace.

One of the things that I was looking at the Egyptian equivalents to those Greek goddesses we’ve been looking at. But, all that led me to getting out some of my Egyptian-inspired jewelry and wearing it for several days in a row. Then, I happened upon an Instagram post from Evil Pawn Jewelry and they showed their Goddess Isisa (aka the Goddess Isis) pendant available and it reminded me of a pair of gold earrings I have. It was just too much of a coincidence to pass up, so I ordered one of the pendants and it arrived pretty quickly too.

woman wearing three Egyptian necklaces

I am absolutely thrilled with it. It was offered with either white moonstone, rainbow moonstone, or labradorite. I chose the white moonstone. The winged Isis has long been something I’ve resonated with and have a tattoo of her. But, that’s a story for another time. I’m very happy with my pendant and expect to get a lot of wear out of it.

two sacred heart necklaces on a background of a black and white etching of a night sky

The other thing that arrived was something I bought for Eric when his mom died. Bloodmilk Jewels had their third iteration of their Vault open and one of the pieces in it was the second version of their Of a Thousand Sorrows pendant. I have the first version (or, well, my own version of the first version) and when I saw they had a second one it just seemed like the perfect memorial piece. So, it arrived the same day my Isisa arrived. It’s beautiful and so meaningful.

In the photo, mine is on the left and Eric’s is on the right. I love them both, actually.

black cat on a quilt with a white tree full of valentine's hearts
slice of red velvet cake on a plate with a fork

We attempted to celebrate Valentine’s Day by ordering dinner to be delivered. Unfortunately, our luck with ordering food on Valentine’s Day was consistently bad again. We did decide to have a do-over later in the week and that meal was much more satisfying. Thankfully. And we did have leftover red velvet cake that Eric’s sister had made over the weekend that was super delicious.

King cake
slice of King Cake on a plate with a fork, a red mug of cocoa, and a book - House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas

For Mardis Gras, I made a King Cake. It turned out ok, but there are definitely things I will do differently next time. This one needed more filling and less lemon juice in the icing. But, an afternoon break with King Cake, cocoa, and a good book? I can’t resist that! I always appreciate when Eric suggests a little afternoon break.

We also started rewatching True Blood. It’s been years since we watched this show and we stopped watching it before the end of the series but I’m not sure exactly which season was the last one we saw.

black cat on quilt-covered lap

On to March.

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