Saltwater Taffy

8/23/09 – 8/29/09

So my long weekend was rather productive craft-wise. I finished the little pincushion I was working on here. Isn’t it cute?

cross-stitched pincushion with the letter M and a wreath around it sitting in some greenery

I also finished my Peacock Pinkeep (ie the ice cream sandwich). I love how it turned out.

pincushion from the side with the alphabet cross-stitched sitting in some greenery; safety pin and straight pins pushed into it

In fact, I was so happy with how it turned out, I sent photos of both pieces to the designer. Even if you’re not crafty, you’ve got to take a look at the beautiful photos on their blog. They always inspire me to do better with my photos.

Top of the pincushion sitting in some greenery with a cross-stitched peacock on it

I also finished this little stocking. My birthday is only days apart from my Grandmother’s. We used to celebrate our birthdays together every year. She used to grow African violets, so this little stocking seemed like the perfect thing to stitch around her birthday and mine. Again, I wish this photo was better.

cross-stitched violets in the shape of a stocking

And finally, one of my birthday gifts from Eric was this gorgeous glass ring. It reminds me of Saltwater Taffy. Too bad I couldn’t get an un-blurry photo of it. My photos kind of went downhill in quality this week.

hand with red nail polish and a large light blue with black stripes glass ring

And lastly, we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo with the photography group that Eric belongs to. The photos from it are here.

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