A Little Shopping Excursion

two bottles of Essie nail polish - one pink and one orange

Yesterday I went and got my hair cut and brows waxed.  While I was getting my hair done, she also did an extra botanical hair treatment to help protect my hair through the summer months.  I always feel so good when I get my hair done!  Afterwards, I decided to do a little shopping since I had some errands to run.  I only came home with a couple of fun things.

I picked up two of the new Resort Collection polishes from Essie.  I can’t fathom what drew me to the orange, but something did!  That one is Fear or Desire.  And the one on the right, the more conservative of the two?  That one is All Tied Up.  It is a great rosy color with lots of gold sparkle through it.  Can’t wait to try these!  And with names like Fear or Desire and All Tied Up, I had to wonder if they were from the Fifty Shades collection.  *snort*

Anyway, I also have been on the lookout for a new purse.  I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to organize my purse, and I’ve tried three different purses in my collection to try to come up with what works best.  I’ve decided that a purse that is essentially a big sack really doesn’t work well for me – everything falls to the bottom.  It never fails that when I’m looking for my keys or my phone, I end up having to basically dump out my purse to find them.  I had one purse that was divided with a zipper pocket in the middle dividing the two sides.  I really liked how that worked but my purse wasn’t quite deep enough and I always felt like stuff was sprouting out the top of it.


grey ostrich purse/tote

the Dragon Ostrich.  They had this bag in three different colors, and I really liked this color called “mink”.  This is a much larger bag than I’m used to, but it’s got the center zipper pocket separating the two sides.  Plus, it’s deeper than my other bag.  The interior is navy by the way (which I love against the grey).  I’m hopeful that this bag will be a good fit based on my needs.  Plus, I love the shape of it.  So – win, win.

I’m currently painting my nails, since the Peridot did begin to show some wear.  I’m excited about trying my Luxe and Lush polish for the first time.  Photos soon!

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  1. Michelle,

    I like that bag! I am like you, I like my bags to have a bit of structure. My toenails are currently a shade of orange (the color I picked up to match my car, unfortunately, not the China polish Melissa showed me).

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