red and white roses

Our anniversary fell on the same day as Easter this year, which is always kind of fun.  It makes me think of spending Easter in Rome on our honeymoon.  Eric bought me a beautiful bouquet of roses.  Even though he does it every year, it still surprises me and makes me feel so special.  And I love the white roses especially, since he works so hard to get them.

red and white roses

Each year I try to follow the list of traditional anniversary gifts as a guide for what to do for my sweet husband.  For the six anniversary, the tradition is sugar or iron.  I came up with the perfect idea.  I called up the bakery that made our wedding cake and ordered a small anniversary cake.

white cake box with blue lettering that reads Texas Star Bakery

We had an Italian Cream cake with buttercream frosting.  It was exactly what I wanted!  I asked them to make it look like a wedding cake top and they did a fantastic job!  It turned out so pretty!

white cake with decorative swirls and dots

I was excited when I picked it up and brought it home to give my gift to Eric.  So much fun.  And he loved the surprise (of course it’s cake, so what’s not to love?!).  We decided to save cutting into it until after our special dinner.  We planned to go to dinner on Saturday night, and he took me to Ziziki’s (also where we went for my birthday), and it was fabulous as usual.

white cake with decorative swirls and dots against a red background

After dinner we came home and cut into our cake.  Eric decided that it warranted a cup of espresso too.  So, out came the espresso maker.

Espresso maker

The cake was just as delicious as I remember it and I’m so glad that we were able to enjoy it for our anniversary.  On Easter Sunday, we exchanged cards and had a lovely, relaxing day.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years!  I’m looking forward to the next six and seeing what new adventures unfold for us.  Plus, I’m hoping so see our wedding vase filled with a single white rose for many years to come.

closeup of a white rose with red rose in the background

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