Queen of Cups reversed tarot card and three crystals with text that says "April"

April was jam-packed and we had lots going on. But, before I delve into that, my April tarot card was the Queen of Cups reversed. The Queen of Cups reversed is about needing to draw your attention inwards and focus on your emotional well-being. This card suggests that you are emotionally drained because you have been so busy supporting others, but not yourself. You may need to set firm boundaries with your loved ones so that they know you love them but will not take on their emotional baggage. You can hold space for them, but ultimately, they are responsible for their feelings and life experience, and they need to go on their own journey to learn how to cope. Paired with Siberian Nephrite Jade for protection, Aquamarine for clarity, and Fire Agate for passion and love in life.

bouquet of red roses

And speaking of passion and love, Eric and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary this month. He came home with roses (the red ones above and also a single white rose for our wedding vase) and champagne. It seems like such a simple thing, a reminder of the things we took for granted in the before times…after two years with no flowers, no cards, no special dinner out to mark the occasion, when he put these roses in my hands and kissed me, telling me happy anniversary – I could do nothing but cry. Tears of happiness, love, gratitude, and also tears for being in this together no matter what.

slice of red velvet cake
slice of Italian Cream cake - slightly leaning

He may also have brought home red velvet cake. Maybe.

And then the weekend after our anniversary we had dinner with Eric’s family and his sister made an Italian Cream cake, which is what our wedding cake was. It was delicious, despite how sad this last piece looked several days later.

I finished up my first bar of soap from Ms. Bathory’s Apothecary and opened a new one so I had to share. This one is Cardamom Chai. It smells so good!

I have been eyeing the strands from Lost Star Cravt, her Styx II in particular. And when she was having a sale, I decided to finally make this one mine. It is onyx with a labradorite tomb clasp.

red-haired woman with glasses wearing an onyx beaded strand necklace and a planchette moth with moonstone necklace

It is both mysterious and illuminating – the veil between this world and the underworld. I have long been fascinated with ritual (or mourning) strands and to now wear this piece, with its tactile nature, I am fully entranced.

collage of images with an aesthetic of A Court of Frost and Starlight (a woman painting, a dress with stars, a man and a woman) and text that says "Had a fantastic book discussion of A Court of Frost and Starlight with Professor of Words last night. Looking forward to the next session."

I attended two more ACOTAR classes from Professor of Words. One on A Court of Frost and Starlight and one on A Court of Silver Flames.

Both were such fantastic discussions and we enjoyed it so much that we convinced Susan to do discussions on the Crescent City series. I just finished reading the second book, House of Sky and Breath, and knew that Susan would enjoy them. Really looking forward to that.

My big project for the month, and in line with my word of the year (Clearing), was cleaning out our bedroom closet. Everything came out, all the clothes were cleaned, mended if needed, ironed, and put back.

I used the opportunity to take a hard look at what I had and let several things go. It’s been a lot of work, and there are still some things out at the dry cleaners, but it was so worth it. Everything feels clean and refreshed.

hand ironing the black and white dress and text that says "invoking my inner hearth witch today"
hand and wrist in a brace resting on a pillow with a black cat in the background

Unfortunately, right at the tail end of my clothes/closet cleaning, I injured myself. The tension bar that I have hangers on above my washer & dryer fell and caught the side of my fingers. I went to the doctor a few days later and they put me in a resting brace. The x-rays showed nothing was broken but I have an appointment to see a hand specialist since I still have a significant amount of pain and swelling. Even Thut was disgusted by this turn of events.

Here’s hoping May is full of healing and I can get back to using both hands.

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