Spooky Atmosphere

spooky woods with the full moon at night

Spooky Season (which is all year for me, really) is the perfect time to switch up what’s in your diffuser and create some spooky atmosphere that smells deliciously decadent. Here are a few suggestions to try.

white text over a photo of a spooky house that reads: Haunted House, 3 drops orange, 2 drops cedarwood, 2 drops clove, 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops ginger
black text over photo of a spooky tree that reads: Spooky Brew Diffuser Blend, 3 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil, 2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil, 2 drops clove essential oil, 2 drops Ginger essential oil
white text over a photo of orange and white pumpkins that reads: Haunted Halloween, 3 drops Patchouli, 2 drops Clove, 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Spikenard
White text over a black and white photo of a spooky tree that reads: Witch's Brew, 3 drops of Clary Sage, 3 drops of Frankincense, 1 drop of Bergamot

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