Spring Colors

Some things I’m loving this week…

yellow honeycomb patterned vase with bright spring flowers in pinks and yellows in it

This Hive vase from West Elm, loved the look in this arrangement by Crystal Palecek of Rue Magazine.

lineup of colorful bkr water bottles

I stumbled across these bkr water bottles.  I love that they are glass rather than plastic, and come in a gorgeous array of colors.  If it will encourage me to drink more water, I’m in!


I’m a big fan of Rachel from Pink Peonies, but when I saw her recent post with this gorgeous Kate Spade outfit I fell in love.

rhinestone lips with pearl teeth necklace over grey tshirt and pink blazer

The Lulu Frost Impromptu lips necklace has been on my mind too.  Hard to find and there are tons of copycats, but it really is awesome.  I especially love this look from All You Need is Style.

clear phone case with white floral line drawing design against a black floral background

Anna Rifle Bond knows how to tempt me and spotting the clear lace phone case about did me in.

Gia Coppola

I’m so ecstatic about Domino mag being back (although it almost seems like it was never gone now).  This recent story immediately caught my eye.  I’m always interested in art, and flipping through the photos of Anne Ziegler’s home several of her pieces caught my eye.  The Gia Coppola photographs at once intrigued me, and on further research I found that she also did the Balloons piece below that was a familiar image used as a blog header for awhile by Cupcakes and Cashmere.

pink balloons against a white ceiling
white living room with large scale botanical prints on either side of french doors

The botanical posters also caught my eye – it seems I’m a sucker for plant and flower illustrations.  It’s an interesting mix of pieces in her home for sure and I love the pops of color against the white backdrop of the space.

What’s on your playlist this week?

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