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I know I am surely not the only one who has a love of magazines. I end up with a pile of them every month that includes fashion, crafting, fitness and decor. As I read through my magazines, I tear out items of interest for later reference – just anything that catches my eye. Over the years I’ve amassed a vast amount of torn out pages of inspiration. In an effort to cut down on the amount of paper I have in my office at home, as well as to attempt to organize myself I thought I would begin scanning these pages so that I can keep what I want to keep electronically. It’s not a really fun task, so in order to add a little perk to it I decided to share some of my finds here on a weekly basis. That will give me the incentive to do the scanning and I might come across things I’d forgotten I couldn’t live without. So, today I bring you the first edition of Style Scan. Who knows what next week will bring!

When I saw this orange bag from The Gap, and the associated price tag, my immediate thought was “why the hell didn’t I get one of these?”. I love the shape of it, slouchy and cute.

Gap Bag

I also came across this zebra laptop bag. Definitely fun and funky. Could you imagine strolling into work with this…love it.

Zebra Bag

I am still totally in love with this Chanel polish. I just can’t seem to get myself to a point where I think I could get away with this at work…maybe on my toes…hmm. I may have to spring for a bottle. I’ve yet to try Chanel Lacquer…it might be time.

Blue Satin

I’d also like to give this Venom lip balm a try. I used to have some fabulous MAC lip gloss that I believe had a little something in it…I can’t find it to save my life and I loved that lip gloss! Anyway, I’ll have to look into Venom. They had me at “Blake Lively”.


Cole Haan Mary Janes…need I say more?

Cole Haan Shoes

And this super cute outfit I just fell in love with. The emerald green bag did it for me. But I love those t-strap heels too. This is so fun and flirty and perfect for party-going. I’m going to work on pulling together a look like this.

Party Coordinator

So that wraps up this week’s edition of Style Scan. Join me again next week!

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