The Bangles

A. Tierney bangle bracelet that is red with white polka dots in a grid pattern with green seahorses

Recently, I entered a really generous giveaway on Coterie’s blog, and won! I won this amazing bangle from A. Tierney. As soon as I saw this beautiful piece, I fell in love with the little seahorses. Isn’t it fun? Thanks so much to both A. Tierney and to Coterie for this wonderful opportunity to own one of these. I was ecstatic when I opened up the mail on Friday evening to find my package had already arrived! The bangle was inside as well as a sweet note from the company congratulating me on winning the bangle with the hopes that I would enjoy it. And a catalog of their products as well. I flipped through the catalog and I think I’m definitely going to have to order a couple. But, I am in love with my seahorse bangle for sure.

forearm and wrist showing off an A. Tierney bangle bracelet that is red with white polka dots in a grid pattern with green seahorses

Love it! In fact, I wore it on Saturday. Eric got tickets to the circus (pics soon), and we had such a fun afternoon. That night he treated me to Nick’s Pizza (our favorite), which I have not have in forever. We even split some tiramisu. And we topped off our fun day together by watching Fast and Furious. We get to spend so little time together that Saturday was just the best. And, I got to wear my new bracelet!!

I thought I’d share another new accessory too. My favorite silver watch of many years has finally hit the point of no return. I keep having to replace the battery ad nauseum, so I decided it was probably time to replace the watch. For Christmas last year, Eric bought me the most gorgeous gold watch that I absolutely adore. But, I also wanted a watch that I could pair with my silver jewelry, especially in the summer when that seems to be all I wear. So, I searched around and finally found a watch that was inexpensive but seemed to fit the look I was going for. Just something simple and classic.

Silver ladies watch in a red watch box with a hinged lid

I found this watch by Peugeot. Never heard of the brand with regard to watches, but it was a good price, and I liked the look of it. I actually ordered the watch via Amazon. I’m very pleased with it and my wrist no longer has to be naked on silver jewelry days. And I still have my very nice, gold watch for gold days.

Thanks, again Coterie and A. Tierney!!!

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