Third Anniversary Trip – Turner Falls

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As I mentioned in this post, Eric and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary in April. It’s been a tradition these past few years for us to take a trip for our anniversary. Eric and I both love to travel and explore new places together, so an annual trip is an excellent way to celebrate our marriage. This year, our trip had to be moved slightly to the end of April, due to our schedules. In fact, our schedules have been so jam-packed over the past year that I really didn’t think we were going to be able to swing a trip. But, Eric surprised me by planning a day trip to Turner Falls in Oklahoma.

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We had perfect weather, and the drive up was pleasant too. That’s one of the things I love most about these road trips…we get the chance to just enjoy each other’s company without the distraction of housework, cats, family, work, etc. It’s just us.

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Turner Falls is located in Davis, Oklahoma in the Arbuckle Mountains. The park has nature trails, natural swimming areas, caves and picnic areas.

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With my newfound interest in photography, I was excited to get the opportunity to try out some new things. On the drive up, Eric taught me a little bit about some different settings on my camera. I just have a point and shoot, but I am hoping that as I get better with my photography skills, I may be able to upgrade and make the upgrade worthwhile. Eric, being the amazing photographer he is, puts my photos to shame…but I really enjoy learning from him.

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Also what I think is fun is that he and I are drawn to different things when we shoot, so we rarely end up with identical subjects in our photos. I also have a habit of shooting Eric while he’s shooting, which has become a fun past-time for me, when I’m not handing him lenses. haha.

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While Eric and I are not so much the outdoorsy types, we found in Philadelphia that we really enjoyed these parks that include nature trails. Of course, nature trails often involve climbing, sliding, picking your way through the underbrush, straddling fallen trees and cursing.

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By lunchtime, we had really worked up an appetite. We sat down near the falls and enjoyed the chicken salad sandwiches Eric had made that morning and our refreshing bottles of water. We just relaxed and watched the people swimming at the base of the falls. It reminded me of the falls in Maui, and how much I’d like to take Eric there some day. Of course, those falls are not really a comparison.

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After lunch, we did some more walking and found one of the caves in the park. I didn’t go up in it, but Eric did (it required pulling yourself up to it by a very unravelled rope). And on the way down from where we’d climbed up to get to the cave we were met by a couple – the male of the species had on no-shirt and flip-flops. He was carrying a Big Gulp cup with what I assumed was beer in it. The female of the species had gone on ahead, and he was cussing up a storm at her. When he saw us, he said “Oh y’all look like the adventure-types”. Eric and I had to laugh. Not only at the poor guy chasing his wife up the mountainside in flip flops but also at his assessment of us. We wandered off as he was bemoaning the fact that he was not in his recliner at home.

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We ended the day with snowcones (blue coconut for me and grape for him), and then we headed out of the park. On our way home, we stopped at a place famous for their fried pies. In fact all the signs along the highway just say “Fried Pies – 15 mi.” or something along those lines. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Basically the fried pies are to be had at what is no more than a truck stop. Upon walking in the door, you are met with a line of people awaiting their fresh fried pies. Behind the counter you can see the assembly line of people making said pies. They had apple, chocolate, coconut, cherry, lemon, etc. All freshly made, all served piping hot. And they were good…oh man, were they good. We bought a few extra to share too.

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In fact, we had one left over on Monday. And about halfway through the afternoon I got a text from Eric that simply said “fried pie”. I thought to myself, damnit he is eating the last fried pie. There will be consequences. But a few minutes later, who should show up at my desk but my sweetie with heated fried pie in hand, a plate, two forks and napkins. I love that man.

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Happy three year anniversary to us!

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