Tuesday Thoughts

woman's feet from above with aqua colored pedicure standing on an oriental rug

Some random thoughts today.

  1. I am in dire need of a mani/pedi before my get together this weekend.
  2. I’m feeling the need to get back to the gym.
  3. I need to Feng Shui the shit out of my house – I think the energy in there is getting to me
  4. I’ve really missed blogging on this blog.  I’d like to do it more regularly.
  5. My mom and I want to go and see the Chihuly pieces on display at the Arboretum…I can’t wait!
  6. I have a whole host of things on my to-do list and it just keeps getting longer
  7. There are a lot of things I’ve been missing lately: yoga, church, fresh flowers, sunshine, reading, walking, photography, travel, writing.
  8. I think it’s time to make some changes and breathe some energy back into life.
  9. I want to learn Tai Chi
  10. I’ve run into two references to Kabbalah in the last week, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.  Maybe I should check it out.

1 thought on “Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. I hope you get to see the Chihuly exhibit! I wanted to go when I was in DFW but it was so busy with grad stuff. I loved his exhibit when it was in SF a few years ago. You must go!

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