One of my favorite blogs to read on a regular basis is Young House Love.  Recently, I was inspired by their “Dude, get on that already!” challenge for themselves.  It made me think about what sort of things I have laying around the house that need to be dealt with, or projects that need to be completed.  Those things that just seem to never get done.  So, as my very first “Dude, get on that already!” project, I’d like to share a little something that went on in our bedroom.  Focus – it’s innocent!

Anyway, here’s a photo of what our bedroom used to look like.  One of the things that always bugged us was that we had no headboard for the bed.  But, we’d been holding off buying one, because we figured that we would buy one when we replaced our bedroom furniture…eventually.  Well, six years later almost, here we are.

bed with champagne and silvery grey comforter and pillows with a suede tufted headboard

We bought a headboard!  And it was relatively inexpensive ($100).  It works well in the room and finally gives some definition to the bed.  We had to take down the art we had hanging over the bed, but I was wanting to do that anyway.  I’ll find something else to add back to that space.  I like that the headboard brings out the warm tones in our bed linens too.

suede tufted headboard closeup

And I love that it’s tufted.  It really gives a luxurious feel to the room, with just a little bit of detail.  And on top of everything, I think the headboard met some of our unexpressed wants – we didn’t spend a lot on it, since we’ll probably replace it; and I didn’t have to attempt to make something.  So win-win!

white pillows against suede tufted headboard

And as an added bonus – I convinced Eric to get rid of our sheets that were wearing out, and pull out these pretty white ones I had tucked away.  I love the lace edging on them.  So, now we’re sleeping in comfort AND I can cross something off our list!

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  1. Love it! It’s very warm toned and really blends well. Where did you get the tufted headboard? I need real bedroom furniture. I still have a college looking bedroom. It’s one of my goals too.

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