A Little Valentine

rabbit eye pillow with a sage green tshirt and purple ears

I always often have trouble sleeping at night.  It takes a variety of things to create that perfect sleep atmosphere and it’s taken several years to discern what those things might be.  Years ago I stumbled upon a company that sells the cutest herbal eye pillows – little animals stuffed with various organically grown herbs to promote sleep and restfulness.  How could I resist?  My first sleepytime companion was their original “Sydney Greensheep”.   The thing I love about these eye pillows is not only the aromatic herbs that help me sleep, but also the weight of them.  Something about having that weight over my eyes seems to help me drift off to sleep a bit easier.  After two versions of Sydney (the first accidentally went through the wash.  Note to self: don’t do this again), I have owned a succession of these guys.  I finally thought it might be about time to retire “Rudi Rabbit”, who came with his own t-shirt.  Rudi has served me well for quite some time, but was starting to show his age.  Eric is all for anything that helps me sleep better (because, you know, then he can sleep better), and so for Valentine’s Day he gave me this…

Eartha Cat eye pillow in a box with a red ribbon

A new herbal animal!  Notice her name is Eartha Cat.  And while all my previous companions have been various pastel shades, I’m totally in love with the red version they did for Valentine’s Day.  So cute!  She smells lovely, and I’m so happy to have her.

Eartha Cat eye pillow out of her box

 Such a little thing, but what a difference my little eye pillow makes.  Thanks so much, sweetie!  I think I’m ready for a little nap now.

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