Winter White

Winter White

Some things I’m loving…

Winter, and January especially, is all about white or hushed tones and a bit of sparkle.  I have to share something I’d been coveting forever, and finally treated myself to, in December.

Bauble Bar statement necklace in neutral shades

This is the Shoshanna Amulet from BaubleBar.  I love love love this necklace so much.  I bought it specifically for our holiday party, but I have worn it all throughout December and January and I’m sure it’s going to be on repeat throughout the rest of this season.

I’ve also been in a huge organizing mode, and one of the things that’s really drawing my focus is my makeup storage.  What I have now isn’t working for me, and I’ve basically used the same storage/organization for years.  I’ve spent some time on Pinterest looking at some different options and I think I have some good ideas to get started with it.

makeup table with a mirror and a glass with makeup brushes, organized makeup, qtips, and cotton balls

My jewelry organization is definitely in need of a good overhaul too, and I’ve been eyeing this Pottery Barn large jewelry box as a great option.

jewelry boxes in winter white leather

Of course, the other thing that’s been getting my attention is our home.  The Christmas decorations are packed away and the house is back to normal.  I love love love all the seasonal decorating that fills our home, but come January I am ready for it to be tranquil, peaceful, quiet.  And all that energy of the new year is swirling around, so I’ve been adjusting some things, moving a few things around, organizing our books…those sorts of things.  It feels good.  And while the rest of the year, I am all about color – in January, I long for whites and neutrals.  The trend of turning books with their pages facing out absolutely fills that need right now – plus, I love this photo.

bedroom with neutral bed linens and built in bookshelves with all the books turned pages out.

And I’m very excited for the release of the next Cupcakes and Cashmere book, aren’t you?

And of course, I can’t overlook my absolute adoration of the white winter coat.  I want to trade in my black wool coat for something brighter.

woman wearing a white sweater and a white coat with black leather pants and black nails holding a cup of coffee

My style idol agrees…

Victoria Beckham in a white knee-length coat belted with a wide collar and carrying a red handbag

Or maybe the palest of pinks?  Loving the pairing with white skinnies too.

woman with white skinny jeans, pale pink sweater over a white blouse and a pale pink ankle length coat

And lastly, I had to share…I did something sweet for myself and bought some white peonies for an arrangement next to the bed.  They’ve already made me very happy.  They make me feel very decadent.

white nightstand with a vase of white peonies and a stack of books

What’s on your playlist this week?

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