Every so often I join Eric and the photography group he’s a member of on one of their Photowalks. Over the weekend, the group went to the Ft. Worth Zoo. I usually enjoy the zoo, and thought it would be a great way to practice my photography and maybe learn a thing or two.

flamingo standing on one leg
blue parrot

These guys cracked me up – the ‘roos were just chillin’. And let me say I don’t blame them – it was H.O.T. (August in TX, go figure.)

kangaroos lounging

Oh how I love the little white spots on the tiger’s ears. Wishing I had a better zoom on the camera.


The lions were enjoying an afternoon snack.

scimitar-horned oryx
harpy eagle

I loved this mosaic.

mosaic tile artwork of a lemur

Love this photo. For some reason I was so enthralled with these little bunches on the trees. They looked like little paper lanterns almost. But I am glad I got the zebras in the shot too.


This is probably my favorite photo of the day. He was quite content to sit in that little square alcove.

baboon curled inside a square hole in a rocky wall

And just in case you think going to the zoo doesn’t fit into your workout schedule. Take a look at my pedometer for the day. That’s over 15,000 steps in a day!

Pedometer that shows 15,359 steps


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